Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Strong-Willed Child

Many who know me, and my husband, know Gabbie already. In fact, he has amassed quite a “following” of his own among our family and friends, with all the smiling photos I’ve posted on him on Facebook. Now, at one year and three weeks,
our little one is so much more than just a smiling face (though that’s a pretty cute one!). It’s time to get to know our Little Mister Sunshine deeper. He’s not just smiley, and happy, and a people-person (he’s exhibited these qualities since he was about five or six months). I’ve discovered in just the last month that our baby has a strong-willed personality. He knows what he wants, and is fiercely determined at getting it. He goes towards his goal without hesitation and has now become fearless in doing so. When restrained for whatever reason, he gets angry and shows his displeasure by crying, wailing, kicking, shaking his head and even babbling very loudly.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post (, we have begun disciplining Gabbie already as he has shown quite an aptitude for throwing tantrums. I admit that the constant saying of “no” and “talking” to Gabbie when he’s having a fit sometimes takes its toll on me. I don’t know if I’m just not patient enough or if this is just a natural reaction of parents when their child is showing signs of insolence. But, in the one year that I’ve taken care of my son, only now have I felt fear. Fear at the upcoming challenge and headache of teaching a child discipline, and of possibly failing at it. At the heart of it, I don’t want my son to grow up nurturing a rebellious spirit for that will surely get him into trouble (my husband and I both know from experience). And even deeper, I don’t want him turning his back on his purpose as God had intended. I know, I know. I’m over-thinking this. Which is why I am grateful for one truth: It is God who has mapped out my son’s destiny, and it is He who will equip him, and us as his parents, to help ensure that he will claim his life’s purpose. And one more truth I am especially thankful for: Disciplining our son is within His will, and we will be able to do that all by His grace, which is fresh and brand-new every single day. In fact, by His grace, I have already learned better ways to communicate with Gabbie to minimize frustration and thus, tantrums, and to enable us both to enjoy our time together. I’m looking forward to learning more and more, and to really just take this experience all in, while enjoying our son to the hilt!

We may not have parenting schools to attend and we may not have prior experiences to learn from but thank You, Lord that we are not in this alone. May Your guiding hand be upon us, and all parents of strong-willed children, always.

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