Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Secret

Dear readers, I’m about to reveal something I’ve been shy to admit to just anyone. I’m deathly afraid of getting a pedicure. The sight of a nipper going in for my cuticles are enough to send me trembling. Seriously, it’s not funny. I love having clean, beautiful nails (Who doesn’t?!) and it’s really a big deal for me when I do go in for a nail treatment. Instead of getting relaxed with my pampering session, stressful siya for me! Kaloka. Nevertheless, I try to get regular nail treatments anyway (“tiis-ganda!”). Especially now that my precious back muscles are exhausted from all the baby-carrying, di ko na keri mag-bend down to do my own nails. So, being a mom now in her thirties, I thought it was high time to face my fear and appreciate this precious me-time activity somehow. I’m grateful too that I can actually find time nowadays to get a treatment, and a hubby who doesn’t mind when I do, and who would sometimes even join me (he loves spa treatments actually). What I did though is try several ones so I can at least find good, careful nail technicians who will understand and heed my constant call to, “be careful please!”

Here are two of my current favorites:
1.  Bamboo Nail Spa (G/F Strata Views Condominium, 306 P. Guevara St., San Juan. Tel no. 706-6280) – It’s a small nail spa that I serendipitously discovered as I brought in my baby for playtime with a friend’s baby nearby. The interiors are not very impressive but the service is. This is the least uncomfortable nail treatment I’ve had, with zero pain and really good, attentive service. Plus, they’re pretty affordable, too! (Classic Spa—foot soak, trim, massage, paint—is just P200!)
2.  Celebrity Nail Spa (Hotline: 0917-8120479) – Lately, it’s been pretty hectic what with balancing work and household and baby duties. There was barely time during the day to take a break let alone drive somewhere to get some treatment done. But my feet were too thick-skinned already, and it was crying out for a foot spa. So one night at 930pm, I tried my luck with this nail spa and asked if they were still open for services that night. And what do you know, they said yes! They were at my house 11pm. They were prompt, hygienic, the technician was friendly, accommodating yet not talkative, and gave an above-average treatment overall. I like that they offer an extensive lineup of services and they accommodate late-night requests (last call is 11pm), perfect for busy moms who can only take a break when the baby is asleep! (Mani, Pedi, Foot spa is P600)

Finally! Treatment's done. Phew!